Monday, 16 March 2020

Ah its not an emergency yet. Let's see when it actually happens.

The current situation is very dramatic. Seems like some thriller movie scene. Yes I am talking about the current situation we are in, where COVID-19 is ruling the entire world, and the entire world seems like a small whatsapp group.
The news and the awareness is spreading all over the world just like COVID-19, and thanks to media for keeping track of each small things and updating it to the people as media is the only way to reach each and every corner of the country.
Must appreciate the doctors, nurses and many of the government officials who are helping out to fight the situation.
Never thought that, we might have to struggle to get the necessary items for the day to day activity.
Things have changed so much within a week. All time busy roads have become like the old village roads where hardly few buses stop by. Malls and super markets have started to look like just the lifeless buildings.
And the problem doesn't stop here. At this very moment, we are running out of water. People are asked to work from home, resulting in lot of water consumption, as such we anyway have water scarcity during the summers every year, but we always choose the easiest option of getting more and more water tankers and not think of recharging the ground water level anyway. And for constructing houses, widening roads, building malls and offices we have cut enough number of trees(which would act as the natural ground level recharging units of nature).
Currently the entire dependency of  the human beings of the most apartments is on the water tankers, where I do not understand where do they get water from and how long is it going to last. And its worth mentioning that there is no other option to get water in some parts of the Bangalore other than water tankers and the drought hit bore wells.

Now imagine a scene in the movie, where if you go out, you will get killed and if you stay back at home, you any way will get eventually killed due to no water situation. So where will you run to?

Never imagined we would run into this situation anytime less than 10 years from now right? so we kept doing whatever we have been doing all these years and kept exploiting the natural resources and kept buying lot of plots and made lot of apartments and earned money like hell and spent all that money to buy tanks of water.

Heights !! Isn't it. I must tell you, even now while reading this a lot of us will still think, thank god I am in different part of Bangalore where I get Cauvery water, thank god I am in Mangalore I have a well at home and I will not face this issue anytime soon.  But mind you, before getting into our current  situation, we too thought we will not end up in such situation anytime soon and hence thought  "let's see what action to take when it actually happens to us".

So now you must be having a question as to  what I am actually going to say through this article?

Well I would say that, it's high time we need to make some behavioral changes. we must get rid of our mindset/habit of exploiting the mother nature. What we give to the nature will come back to us.  You plant a tree it gives you the fruits, seeds and the shadow, with which you can plant more of them. You cut a tree it leaves you with no option to breathe/live eventually.

When there was a life taking flood, some survived and some passed away. TVs covered the news 24/7. But what really did not happen was the root cause analysis and the action that had to be taken to prevent such situations for the next year and for the rest of the years. All are in the relaxed mode till the same situation occurs again.  Let me tell you a thing, emergency rescue just focuses on getting the people out of the danger with minimal loss. But to permanently solve the issue acting during emergency situation is just not enough.

I am no one to say what we all have to do because we all know what we all have to do as responsible citizens. Just that we have to do all that before we call for an emergency situation.
because even to come back home and wash our hands we need to have little water left at home :)

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